Edward Stanley Engineers is dedicated to a collaborative process with our clients, rooted in teamwork, communication, and achievement. We are committed to achieving success for your project. AIA Connecticut bestowed 2011 design awards on three projects we collaborated on. Six projects received AIA design awards in 2010 and seven received AIA design awards in 2009.

We interact closely with your team of consultants and builders to develop solutions that enhance the architectural design. Our solutions will be carefully integrated with the building’s other systems—you might hear us mention waterproofing, insulation and thermal bridges, MEP, and durability as we develop the design with you.  We will propose solutions that are aligned with the principles of sustainability. And our solutions will be sensitive to the project budget.

Our size enables our leadership to be your primary contact–interacting closely with you and making decisions with you throughout all phases of a project. The core group leading our firm has collaborated together for many years integrating structure and architecture and we bring to your team our rich library of ideas and experience.  The members of our firm are our most valuable asset.

Our Services

The range of our services includes the reuse of existing buildings, preservation/restoration/rehabilitation, new building design, residential design, condition assessments, investigations, feasibility studies, and construction administration.

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Our Process

We first identify your criteria for success of the project: your goals, the budget, the schedule, and the project complexities.

If we are providing design services, we will listen to your ideas and those of your project team, including design consultants and the builders. We will then propose preliminary structural solutions and brainstorm with you to consider any project design constraints that are generating inefficiencies in the structural system. Finally, we will refine our preliminary solutions into a fully integrated and constructible design.

Our collaborative efforts continue throughout construction as we exchange ideas and expertise with builders and fabricators to quickly and efficiently resolve issues that may arise.

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Bim & Revit

Our dedication to collaboration is founded on our learned experience that the ideas and expertise of designers, builders, and the end user should interact as early as possible in the design process and continue through construction. Edward Stanley Engineers utilizes BIM, including REVIT, to efficiently share and integrate building system designs with other consultants and with your builders

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Edward Stanley Engineers is committed to sustaining and renewing the life of useful and viable buildings, whether of significant historic value or of modest heritage. Our extensive experience re-using, preserving, and rehabilitating buildings will assist building owners in preserving global and cultural resources and reducing the construction waste stream.

If a historic building requires structural intervention, we will provide design solutions that are sensitive to the historic fabric of the structure and minimally invasive. We will assist you in justifying and acknowledging the time proven strength and performance of a historic structural system when the robust structural regulations of the modern building code are encountered.

We promote use of intelligent sustainable design, including,

  • Efficient structural designs to reduce the quantity of consumed materials and construction waste.
  • High quality construction techniques to lengthen the useful life of the structure and to minimize future repairs and maintenance.
  • Structural systems that can be disassembled and either reused or recycled.

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Pro Bono

Pro Bono service provides us with the privilege to improve the community around us by sharing our expertise with the community, including Habitat for Humanity, military service veterans via the Yale Building Project and via Common Ground Community (commonground.org), the VFW, CT Shoreline Greenway Trail, and other institutions.

We share our knowledge with high school students to introduce them to the fields of Architecture, Construction and Engineering by participating as mentors in the Connecticut ACE Mentor Program (www.acementor.org).

AIA New England and AIA Connecticut have bestowed 2009 awards on seven projects we have been privileged to have collaborated on.

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